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  The General Monitors Systems Group designs and manufactures highly scaleable, modular fire and gas monitoring systems for a global customer base that operates in some of the world’s most hazardous industries.  
If you’re responsible for protecting your plant and people from combustible or toxic gas and flame hazards, then you should get to know the team of professionals at the General Monitors Systems Group (GMS). From Asia to the Americas to Europe and the Middle East, our team of professionals is at work protecting people, equipment and plants wherever there is a potential threat from hazardous gases and flames in the workplace.

Systems integration expertise and turn-key service with
    offices worldwide
Scaleable, modular total system solutions -- from single-point
    devices to large distributed systems -- with advanced
    communications and intuitive operator interfaces
Multiple industry standards: ATEX, FM, CSA, CE-Marking,
    GOST, IEC, ISO, NFPA 72, SIL and more.
Advanced sensor technologies: Point and Open Path IR;
    Electro-Catalytic Bead; Electrochemical Cell; MOS
    Semiconductor; UV/IR and Multi-Spectral IR; Neural Networks
Global customer base in demanding industries: oil & gas
    processing, offshore platforms, compressor stations,
    chemical refining, electric power generation, pulp & paper,
    wastewater and more.

To view our complete range of fire and gas detection system solutions,
click here.

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